About GreenHill Laboratories

What we do

GreenHill Laboratories is a testing and consulting laboratory to the agricultural, veterinary and food industries. GHL accepts biological samples, food samples, commodity samples and agricultural samples for customers’ legislative, quality and health requirements.

GHL takes on a consultative approach to sample receipt and result release – please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding sampling, transport conditions or anything on your test report/certificate of analysis.

GHL is also readily available for contract research, Quality Control programmes or general laboratory testing schedules. If we are unable to perform the test required, we will find a laboratory who can, on your behalf, and coordinate submission and results from that laboratory if required.

Our Mission Statement

To be at the forefront of laboratory offerings to the industry and disrupt the status quo

Our Vision Statement

GreenHill Laboratories intends to be partners to our customers and leaders in innovative testing solutions. We are a testing and consulting laboratory to the agricultural, veterinary and food industries serving animal and livestock owners, veterinarians, crop farmers, seed producers, grain processers, food and feed manufacturing and processing facilities, dairy farmers and dairy producers.

We shall always seek solutions to our customers’ needs and structure our approach accordingly. GreenHill Laboratories exists as a reaction to the need for absolute integrity to our customers, our suppliers, our staff and our registration, certification and accreditation bodies.

We intend to:

  1. meet customers where they are at and provide them with useable and meaningful results
  2. provide a space for staff to always give their utmost care and due attention to testing and interaction with customers
  3. push the boundaries of the accepted status quo in our customers’ industries.
  4. establish a fully-fledged, multifaceted and collaborative molecular biology, microbiology and dairy laboratory.
  5. To set the benchmark in our customer’s experience with laboratories

Our Company History

GreenHill Laboratories (GHL) was registered in March 2019 and moved into permanent facilities in July 2019. GHL was founded by Dr Shaun Groenink, a molecular biologist, and Mr Austin Hlongwane, a consummate businessman involved in general and fuel retail, to service sectors of the market that were under serviced or being serviced out-of-province.

GHL has three departments:

1. Molecular Biology

2. Microbiology

3. Dairy

Our Values


GHL staff are accountable to each other, customers, accreditation and certification bodies and government agencies, as well as the environment and communities that we live and work in.


GHL shall always remain adaptable to meet the needs of our customers, the industry and the changing legislative environment


GHL is ambitious. We are young, vibrant, energetic and determined to disrupt the status quo in laboratory testing in South Africa.


GHL is determined to make ourselves approachable by any member of the communities that we serve and do not yet serve. GHL shall break down the arrogance typical of the laboratory testing industry.


Science keeps you humble! GHL as a company and all members of staff shall remain humble to each other, suppliers and customers. Learning from each other, from our customers, from our suppliers and from our local and scientific communities shall be foremost always in our interactions.


GHL shall always maintain the highest standards of integrity. This extends to staff, colleagues within the industry, suppliers and customers